Where is the nuitrack.config?

In the Nuitrack console sample

Usage: nuitrack_console_sample [path / to / nuitrack.config].
Where is nuitrack.config in this part?

I can’t see it on my computer.

I got error.
Can not initialize Nuitrack (ExceptionType: 3)

As per this post:

You can find nuitrack.config in Nuitrack runtime: %NUITRACK_HOME%/nuitrack/data

Also, did you set your environment variables as stated in the installation guide?

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Thank you silas:)

I’m super rookie developer. So, I didn’t understand the term ‘runtime’.
Fortunately, this worked out well.

An additional error occurred. Can you solve this?

<setting & environment>
OS : Windows 10
Device : Realsense 435
Editor : Visual Studio 2019
Purpose : Joint tracking using nuitrack sdk

Environment variables are well set according to the guide.
Thank you.

I never encountered this problem on Ubuntu and RealSense, but I did have a problem with the USB cable, as described here. Are you using the original cable? If not, try using it to see if that solves the problem.

Also, have you tried running nuitrack_c11_sample to see if your setup is working?

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